BET5 Winner

As with all things startups, the way only appears when you go on your way. Back in 2014 when the idea for PhotoSale came to me, little did i know what a meandering journey it was going to lead me on. We have not arrived at where we want to be but we are definitely on our way.

I signed up for the Building Entrepreneurs Today (BET) Program powered by Diamond Bank and facilitated by Enterprise Development Centre, Pan Atlantic University Ajah. It was a turning point in my entrepreneurial journey. Even though the BET program (BET5) was a competition, the learning that was delivered by EDC was world class.

50 of us in class for 3 months, then on to the shortlisted 15 for another 4 months and un to the final day when 5 Winners were chosen.

It was fun, turnups and learning all rolled into 1. PhotoSale being among the 5 winners was more thana dream come true and also a stamp of Validation for the business.

Alas, we are building a market place where African Stock Photography can be bought and sold. So if you are aphotographer or you’vbe got an eye for African Photography, PhotoSale is your oyster.

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