Real life passive income stories

Ademola is a web developer. He currently works as one of the lead developers in one of the leading ecommerce giants in Nigeria. Being a web developer in such a dynamic organisation has exposed him to very high working standards and high quality of work. In such an environment, nothing less was acceptable; the repercussions of shoddy work could be really devastating, easily leading to loss of millions of Naira.

Ademola has specifically worked in the area of payment integrations for websites. Under his belt sits a long list of completed integrations that connect several different types of shopping carts to several Nigerian payment integration platforms. These are integrations he made for various customers in the past, but right now, they sit idly on his computer.


MediaSale is a platform where any kind of digital item could be sold and he found it via a developers’ network where interesting web projects were usually discussed. This was what he needed. He made a few enquiries, signed up, uploaded two of his integration plugins to MediaSale and crossed his fingers.

It was barely a week after signing up that he got an email with the subject: You have made a new sale on MediaSale. Oh Joy! Passive income! That week, He got three more of those emails. He made half of his current salary in a week, by simply listing his plugins on MediaSale. Ademola now has up to 10 plugins selling on


Seyifunmi is a writer. She always had a flair for flowery writing, a descriptive ability that immersed the reader into the moment. Seyifunmi’s quest to be a well-read writer led her to an online service called BookSale which helps authors and writers sell their ebooks.

Sure, Seyifunmi wanted to be published far and wide, but she also wanted to make a decent earning from her writing. She knew how easily an ebook could go viral for free thereby losing her money. She made a few calls to BookSale and her fears were allayed. She was reassured that her ebook would be protected from illegal duplication and also reassured of her earnings.

She eventually uploaded one of her books to and now, her books get in the hands of people who she would never meet, who buy them online and who, from the glowing reviews they leave for her ebooks, absolutely love her writing.


I Built Digital Downloads for Africa, an online marketplace where African digital content are sold. Its potentials for job creation, especially for creative and talented Nigerian youth, are endless. We have focused on three niches for a start: African Stock photography, Ebooks and Web Software applications. We are here:

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